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Hello! I’m Roseann

Neurofeedback Specialist

I’m the owner of Wasatch Neurotherapy and specialize in neurofeedback brain training. I know first-hand the effects that cognitive decline and mental health challenges can have on families. My family and I have experienced the benefits of Neurotherapy. I started this business because I love helping people and I want to make neurofeedback available to everyone. 

Before opening Wasatch Neurotherapy, I worked in the mental health industry for many years. I have extensive experience with clients who are dealing with mental health challenges. I have dedicated my life to helping those who are struggling. I’m certified through Stress Therapy Solutions, Brain Master Technologies, and Braincore Neurofeedback Systems. Please call or text us to learn more about the services we provide.

My Story

With extensive experience aiding individuals coping with trauma, mental health struggles, and substance abuse, I’ve devoted myself to supporting mental well-being. As a single mother, I found myself facing similar challenges with my children. My youngest, at 4 years old, received diagnoses of 5 different disorders, a revelation that deeply affected me. He struggled with focus and attention, neurodevelopmental and sensory issues,  mental and emotional stress, learning challenges, defiant outbursts, negative moods, obsessive behavior, difficulty regulating emotions, and difficulty forming healthy attachments. 

Like many parents, I went in search of ways to help my child beyond the use of medication. My quest for non-pharmaceutical interventions led me through various therapies until I discovered neurofeedback. My son started neurofeedback brain training and the impact was remarkable! After 14 sessions I saw substantial improvements, especially in his focus and well-being and he was no longer reliant on medication.

Drawing from years of experience in the mental health field, I opened Wasatch Neurotherapy to help others regain their health and well-being. I’ve collaborated with nonprofits like Heal the Hero, which assists first responders and veterans with processing trauma. I also consult with and provide services at multiple treatment facilities throughout northern Utah. I have extensive training and certifications on the equipment I own, which is the latest and most advanced equipment; that and my ongoing education reflect my dedication to delivering exceptional care. The joy of witnessing my clients’ progress and successes remains immensely gratifying, inspiring me to continually enhance my services to help those who are struggling.

I love helping people heal, one mind at a time

"I am a therapist, and I refer people to Roseann regularly to have them work with her. She is compassionate, caring, and is able to help people heal. One thing I love about neurofeedback is that it addresses the root causes of things at the brain level. I'd 1000 percent recommend this to anyone struggling with any kind of mental health or attention issue."

Lindsay A.

"Roseann is so kind and always willing to go above and beyond for her clients. Neuro Feedback has really changed my life and helped me modify habits for a happier and more successful learning experience."

Shelby M.

"I've been working with Roseann for two months and it has been incredible - the braintap in particular has helped me cope with PTSD. Roseann is also very personable - I cannot speak more highly of her!!!"

Mal C.

"Roseann is extremely kind and knowledgeable. She's gone above and beyond to help us heal our daughter. In the process, she's helped my mental health. She's incredible and I'm grateful we found her."

Georgina A.

"Roseann is great! Ive really enjoyed my sessions with her and leave refreshed and relaxed."

Mike T.

"I was struggling with depression for years. The idea of being on medication for the rest of my life just wasn’t something I was willing to do. Then I was introduced to neurofeedback and it changed my life. I have been symptom free for three years. Working with Roseann has been wonderful and I would recommend anyone to her. She has a passion for helping others and only wants the best for her community."

Nathan C.

"My son started struggling with OCD tendencies and severe anxiety this past spring. We started using essential oils and CBD oil to help with the symptoms while these worked a little bit. He was still suffering. I was looking for something besides putting him on meds. We started neurofeedback. We have been going for approximately 2 months now and my son has drastically improved. He is sleeping well his anxiety is like a 2 know versus when it was a 10 and is OCD tendencies have reduced significantly. Also we rarely use the CBD oil know where he was using it up to three times a day this summer. We have loved the results we are getting from neurofeedback and would recommend it to anybody. The best is my son loves going and he feels the difference."

Lara Jensen

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