Understanding the Neurofeedback & Bio Communication Software


A Hand Cradle is a device used in conducting bio-surveys in a human body using a series of steps in a process known as bio-communication. The technology asks questions of your body and brain connection and records the responses in the form of signals it receives. This feedback provides you with accurate information, making you aware of your body’s needs within its different systems and organ functions. With this information, it is much easier to systematically influence and improve how your body operates because you can take immediate action to make changes that you know will make a real difference. A scan can even identify precisely the best ways to improve both your mental and physical health, including supplements and to balance your body’s frequencies which helps support brain activity as well as your body’s functioning systems



The technology we use is called the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). GSR Technology measures changes in skin conductivity. With the software, we send a small safe electrical current that travels from the fingertips to the palm of the hand.  People can’t feel anything with this small current.  To determine extreme responses and changes in conductivity, we first have to have a baseline measurement. This measurement is what we call “Range.”

How Range is determined: The software measures the rate of conductivity at 35 different points in time. The software then takes the mean value (average) of those 35 measurements to get the person’s average rate of conductivity or “Range.”  We have found that most people (85%) have a range between 10 and 20. Variations in the range can be caused by a variety of reasons. The reason why GSR can be used in biocommunications is that, when the body is under stress, it causes the rate of conductivity to fluctuate. It’s these fluctuations (out of range responses) that we pay attention to when reading a report. So, what does a high range or a low range mean? To answer this, it is helpful to understand the concept of Stress Load.

Stress Load: How much stress the body is under due to environmental, mental/emotional, dietary, lack of sleep, and other factors. An increase in these factors causes the body to have to work harder. A higher or lower range can be an indication of how hard the body is working to deal with its current stress load. Typically, a range higher than 20 is associated with an increase in stress load or the body’s compromised ability to deal with that stress load.



The difference between the response and the baseline is calculated. The resulting calculation is the dR or deviation ratio:

  • A positive number dR is assigned when the response is more coherent than the baseline, indicating biological coherence.
  • A negative number is assigned to a less coherent response, indicating biological aversion.
  • A 0 dR means the response was the same as its baseline reading, indicating a neutral response.


Positive & Negative dR’s when stressors are involved

With stressors, a positive, coherent response is seen as the body’s overreaction to a stressor. In contrast, a negative in-coherent response is seen as the body’s under-reaction to a stressor. For this reason, we look at stressors from the perspective of in-range versus out-of-range and NOT positive versus negative. The absolute value of the response is used to determine this. In other words, we don’t care whether it is negative or positive, but how far away from zero, the response is. There is a concept and terminology to explain the distinction between over coherence and under coherence. They call it excess energy vs. energy deficiency. Both are out of balance. With energy deficiency, there is not enough energy going to an organ system for it to be balanced and healthy. Excess energy is a concept where there is more energy going to the system than is normally required for balance and health.



When reviewing your report, it is best to keep in mind the physical, mental, and emotional areas you are struggling with and relate them to the information given in your scan. The first page is showing your range and a graph of the biomarkers that are In and Out of range. The following pages display a list of different items that will help balance and pull your out of range biomarkers back into balance. The pattern continues down the page until all out of range biomarkers are pulled back into range. The following pages give product descriptions and explain what areas of the body the supplements can assist with. The following pages of the report are broken down into four core body systems and six lifestyle categories, also known as secondary stressors. We have included the Broadman individual areas of the brain as well as neurotransmitters to review in the report. There is a brief description of every category about how having a balance in this area helps encourage a healthy body.


Understanding Emotions and Beliefs

When scanning emotions and beliefs, we are taking an electromagnetic wave and turning it into a linear report. The positive dR emotions or beliefs are more coherent, which means you most likely relate to the emotion or belief, or it has significant meaning in your life. Negative dR emotions are not as coherent. This doesn’t mean you don’t have the negative feelings. It just suggests at the time of the scan your electromagnetic field was not responding as strongly to those emotions or beliefs. If there is an emotion you are not sure about, ask yourself these questions.

  1.  Are you experiencing this Emotion or belief?
  2. Is this a chronic emotion or something from the Past or a repeating emotion or pattern?
  3. Is this acute meaning something from a current life event
  4. Does the emotion apply to you, or does the emotion apply to a specific area of life?
  5. We are empathic and take on the emotions of others. Are you taking on someone else’s “Stuff”?
  6. Is the emotion something people are experiencing locally or globally? Ie. During the Election, Recent Negative Events, etc.
  7. Could someone be directing that emotion at you? Are you feeling it from someone else?
  8. Does this emotion or belief apply to how you see yourself or how you see others?



The body’s electrical activity happens primarily in the cell membrane. The cell membrane must maintain an appropriate “charge” or voltage. A healthy cell has a transmembrane potential of about 80 or 100 millivolts. A cancer cell, for comparison, has a transmembrane potential often as low as 20 or 25 millivolts. When a cell becomes damaged or sick, the voltage of the membrane drops, causing an increased voltage in the interior of the cell. When the membrane voltage is low, the membrane channels can’t function properly, leading to a domino effect of disease-causing actions (or inactions)

The cell membrane potential refers to the difference in electrical charge between the inside and outside of the cell. The channels in the membrane are opened or closed based on the polarity of the membrane. When the channels are closed, a cell membrane is at its “resting potential,” and when it is open, it is at its “action potential.”

Action potential (channel opening) requires electrical activity. During this process, the electrical potential of the membrane rapidly rises, allowing the channels to open up. As the channels open, ions flow into the cell, causing a further rise in the membrane potential, prompting even more channels to open up. This process produces an electric current (and, therefore, magnetic field) across the cell membrane, and the cycle continues. Once all channels are open, the membrane potential is so great that the polarity of the membrane reverses, and then the channels begin to close. As the entry channels close, exit channels are activated. Once the process is complete, all channels close, and the membrane returns to its resting balance.



Have you ever given a thought to the microwave which cooks your food with ease and within minutes? If not a microwave oven, then a cell phone that sends and receives information. Have you thought about their mechanisms? All these wonders of modern life run on the basis of a fantastic phenomenon called electromagnetic energy.

This energy surrounds us, and our life would have been entirely different if this phenomenon was not discovered or understood by mankind. This energy is said to be in the form of waves. However, according to Einstein and Max Plank, “Electromagnetic waves exist in the form of particles called photons. Each particle or photon is a tiny grain of energy – an energy packet – so to speak”.

What is an Electromagnetic Wave – It is a wave created by the acceleration of charged particles that are placed in the magnetic and electric field; both the fields acting at right angles to each other. The oscillation of the particles in the wave emits energy called electromagnetic wave energy.

Electromagnetic Field – Electromagnetic field is caused by electrically charged objects, that influence the behavior of materials or charged particles around the field. The total amount of energy of the field and the materials it affects are called electromagnetic field energy.



After the scan is complete, the software sends mild electrical impulses to the areas of concern identified.  This is called frequency output, and it stimulates the cells through the electromagnetic field, which aids the cells in restoring the balance needed for optimal functioning.  The software is capable of bringing balance in most areas of concern, however if it can’t complete the needed process the software informs you and your practitioner of the exact types of supplements your body needs.  Once you know if any systems are weak or deficient, you can take steps to assist your systems to heal, improving your mental and physical health immensely.