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Mark CliffordMark Clifford
02:46 06 Sep 23
With just five treatments I have seen improvement in my son. He tells me his anxiety is down and he is able to drive, which used to be very hard for him. The staff has been great. We appreciate the sincere interest of Roseann and her passion for helping others. I highly recommend Wasatch Neurotherapy.
David RuizDavid Ruiz
00:33 06 Apr 23
I never saw my self doing Neurotherapy in my life but once I tried it really change the prospective of the way I think, act, carry myself. I been going for a few months and it was an amazing experience. Thanks to rosanne and her staff for making me feel comfortable I enjoyed being there. Definitely recommend checking out the place for be that are new to Neurotherapy.
mckell cooleymckell cooley
20:40 05 Apr 23
Roseann is amazing to work with, I can tell she genuinely cares about every one of her clients. she goes above and beyond, making you feel heard, and seen and cared for. Neurotherapy itself has been life changing for me. Before training, I had a lot of issues from past trauma like PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety and depression and now after training for a few years all those issues have gone away almost completely. From a daily struggle to now only on occasion.
Stacie HuntStacie Hunt
20:56 13 Sep 22
I was skeptical, but after my son had just two sessions there was a noticeable difference in his behaviors. His response to our boundaries and conflict has improved so much already, i can hardly believe it. He is hyperactive with many sensory issues. He wore a suit on Sunday and that was a miracle in itself! All of the staff have been very kind and caring. Highly recommend their office!
03:07 28 Mar 22
This has done wonders for my wife, the differences were beginning to show in 4-6 visits, after more than a dozen in we are still extremely satisfied and still have routine appointments.
Addie ChristensenAddie Christensen
20:48 05 Feb 22
Working with Roseann doing neuro feedback has been the biggest blessing in my life! I struggled with social anxiety and depression for a long time until finding Roseann. The brain training has changed how I am able to cope in social situations, and has improved my mood tremendously. Roseann created a space where I always felt comfortable and cared about. She is truly the best and I would recommend her business to anyone who is struggling with mental health!
C ReederC Reeder
02:38 30 Jun 21
Roseann at Wasatch Neurotherapy is truly amazing!!! She is extraordinarily calm, kind, and patient, while at the same time she is highly competent and an expert at what she does. When dealing with mental health issues, this is especially valuable. I brought my son to her for Neurofeedback and she was excellent at calming his anxiety. I was shocked at how well he was able to sit still, and I know that Roseann’s demeanor and bedside manner was definitely the reason! I am very grateful that I have found her and Wasatch Neurotherapy, and I am so excited to continue working with her!
Rebekah SmithRebekah Smith
23:04 23 Feb 24
Wasatch Neurotherapy is fantastic! Roseann is very knowledgeable and great to work with. The sessions are effective and the clinic atmosphere is nice. I highly recommend. These treatments help with so many different things.
Sadie CoxSadie Cox
00:21 19 Dec 23
I’ve worked for wasatch neurotherapy for over a year now and I have never had an employer who cares about all of her clients and employees as much as Roseann! It’s rare to find someone who cares so much about genuinely helping people! And she has built such a great team! I’ve watched her and her team bend over backwards to make clients happy over and over again! I love this company so much!
Hazel MillsHazel Mills
22:28 02 Nov 23
This place is amazing. I am autistic and have ADHD, and in 2021, my mom noticed that I was struggling with focus and needed some help, so she started looking for a neurologist office that was in the area and that knew how to help me. This place was probably one of the first results that met both of her search criteria. Plus, it cut the usual cost of $350 in half so that it was only $175. So, I started attending neurotherapy here at Wasatch Neurotherapy.I love Roseann. She's kind to other people. But a little while after I started, her first assistant, Addie, who was a high-school senior, started a part-time job here. (I said part-time because Addie had school.)Mom noticed how much this helped me, so she put my brother Darius in neurotherapy as well. Darius is in basically the same condition as me, except that he has depression and is more of an introvert than I am, and after a couple weeks, he started driving the two of us to our neurotherapy sessions, which were in Bountiful at the time and were put at exactly the same times on exactly the same three days of each week.After less than a year, we had to quit because even with the cut cost, we were using up what was left of our dad's monthly paycheck, and Dad is the only person in my house who has a job and is over the age of 40.But after about six months, Mom noticed a big change in my focus and behavior that was influenced by our not coming to neurotherapy sessions. She quickly scheduled Darius and me for a returning appointment here. Darius quit a second time, this time due to his own job, way before I did, and I am still in attendance. But had we not been able to come to our returning appointment, I would not have met two of Roseann's other assistants, Sadie and Nicole, when I did!
Shauna CasselShauna Cassel
03:34 18 Sep 23
I had a sudden onset of anxiety that was very overwhelming. Family members who had experienced great results with neurofeedback referred me to Rosanne.She was kind, compassionate and reassuring that neurotherapy could help with my anxiety. She quickly got me scheduled and over the next few months Rosanne and her amazing team helped me rebalance my life. It’s been an amazing journey!I would highly recommend Rosanne and Wasatch Neurotherapy! Talk to them about how it can change your life or someone you love.Shauna C.
Paige ChristensenPaige Christensen
17:15 19 Mar 23
I went to Wasatch Neurotherapy to help with my anxiety and depression. After a few weeks I started seeing changes. Roseann was very helpful throughout the whole process, she really cares about her clients!
Eliza DrebingEliza Drebing
03:29 19 Aug 22
Our son is receiving Neurofeedback treatment with Roseanne and we feel very lucky to have found her. She is very knowledgeable regarding this treatment, and Henry looks forward to his sessions every week. Since he started this treatment, he’s happier, smiling more, and his anxiety is decreasing. This has been nothing more than a wonderful experience:)
Scott CruzeScott Cruze
22:07 06 May 22
My eight year old has been receiving Neurotherapy from Roseann for about 26 sessions now. Around session 17, we saw the beginnings of great improvement with some of the behavioral issues, ability to focus, and listening skills. Roseann is very knowledgeable, down to earth, friendly, and is very involved in creating a personalized Neurotherapy plan based on the results we are seeing and what her software says would be helpful. We are in it for the entire treatment plan and are very happy with the care, help, and healing that has been occurring now for these past few months. I knew after my first phone call with Roseann that this place would greatly benefit my child and I’m happy to make the commute to go.
Emma MoonEmma Moon
16:19 22 Dec 23
I have worked here for just around 2 months, and the things that i have been able to learn and see have been absolutely amazing. Hearing the different stories from clients about how Neurotherapy has been able to help them live a better day-to-day life is the most rewarding part of my day.
Cole BarkeyCole Barkey
20:36 19 Dec 23
I have struggled through really severe ADHD all my life, and Neurofeedback has been a huge help in regulating my attention and emotions in a non-invasive, side effect free way! The staff is great and has helped myself and many others to live a life less burdened by mental health struggles.