Supplemental Recommendations

Need Advice on what Supplements you need

Supplement Recommendations

After the QEEG there are supplements that we recommend to help mental/physical/ emotional health. We have supplements to help neuron firing, your mind, etc. 


If you are looking for advice on what supplements you need, I would recommend talking to your doctor or a nutritionist. They can help you figure out which supplements might be best for you, based on your individual needs. Some supplements, such as vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, are important for most people, and others may not. With QEEG work we can look into what supplements you might need and I can make suggestions from there.

What is a qEEG?


A QEEG is a type of brain scan that uses electrodes to measure the electrical activity of your brain. It can be used to help diagnose conditions like epilepsy, and can also be used to evaluate how well your medication is working.

– QEEG is an abbreviation for quantitative electroencephalography

– a QEEG is a brain map that measures and records the electrical activity of the brain

– a QEEG can help identify specific nutritional deficiencies in your body that may be contributing to mental health issues

How Does It Work?


If you are struggling with mental health issues, a QEEG is a great tool that can help identify specific nutritional deficiencies in your body. A QEEG can tell us many things about how your body and brain are functioning. Specific brainwave patterns can also be a good indicator that you are not receiving enough vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to function properly. Our report of findings will give you information on precisely what vitamins your body lacks and provide you with a list of supplements that you can take to help brain performance that will also benefit your overall health.

Sounds Great, Let’s Do It!


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"I am a therapist, and I refer people to Roseann regularly to have them work with her. She is compassionate, caring, and is able to help people heal. One thing I love about neurofeedback is that it addresses the root causes of things at the brain level. I'd 1000 percent recommend this to anyone struggling with any kind of mental health or attention issue."

Lindsay A.

"Roseann is so kind and always willing to go above and beyond for her clients. Neuro Feedback has really changed my life and helped me modify habits for a happier and more successful learning experience."

Shelby M.

"I've been working with Roseann for two months and it has been incredible - the braintap in particular has helped me cope with PTSD. Roseann is also very personable - I cannot speak more highly of her!!!"

Mal C.

"Roseann is extremely kind and knowledgeable. She's gone above and beyond to help us heal our daughter. In the process, she's helped my mental health. She's incredible and I'm grateful we found her."

Georgina A.

"Roseann is great! Ive really enjoyed my sessions with her and leave refreshed and relaxed."

Mike T.

"I was struggling with depression for years. The idea of being on medication for the rest of my life just wasn’t something I was willing to do. Then I was introduced to neurofeedback and it changed my life. I have been symptom free for three years. Working with Roseann has been wonderful and I would recommend anyone to her. She has a passion for helping others and only wants the best for her community."

Nathan C.

"My son started struggling with OCD tendencies and severe anxiety this past spring. We started using essential oils and CBD oil to help with the symptoms while these worked a little bit. He was still suffering. I was looking for something besides putting him on meds. We started neurofeedback. We have been going for approximately 2 months now and my son has drastically improved. He is sleeping well his anxiety is like a 2 know versus when it was a 10 and is OCD tendencies have reduced significantly. Also we rarely use the CBD oil know where he was using it up to three times a day this summer. We have loved the results we are getting from neurofeedback and would recommend it to anybody. The best is my son loves going and he feels the difference."

Lara Jensen

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